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Kaolin Products

Customer Service is APM's Primary Kaolin Business

At Advanced Primary Minerals ("APM") our mission is to provide the highest quality product from our premium quality primary kaolin resource and to exceed our customer's expectations in quality, delivery, service and value. This will be achieved through our highly skilled and dedicated workforce, our performance enhancing primary kaolin products, and our new state-of-the-art processing facility and proprietary manufacturing process.

The current plant configuration consists of a proprietary dry processing circuit which uses no chemical additives in the process to manufacture products that are targeted primarily to the ceramics industry for sanitaryware, tile, glaze and tableware applications. In addition, we have a small wet processing circuit available for limited specialty product applications. Plans are being developed for additional wet processing capacity for an expanded product line of hydrous and calcine products for specialized industrial applications that benefit from the unique characteristics of our primary kaolin resource

Current Product Line
Advanced 1.0 is a coarse-grained, low oxide Middle Georgia Primary Kaolin which is carefully mined, processed and engineered for fast fire glaze applications to avoid surface imperfections yet maintain good rheological properties. APM has extensive holdings of Middle Georgia primary clays which exhibit similar quality and performance to the Cornish primary clays.

Advanced Cast is a coarse-grained Middle Georgia Primary Kaolin that has been engineered to enable superior casting rate and overall performance in conventional and pressure casting sanitaryware applications. APM primary clays exhibit similar quality and performance to the Cornish primary clays.

APM K20 Cast is a high potassium oxide (K20), coarse-grained Middle Georgia Primary Kaolin that has been specially processed and engineered for use in body applications that demand a high potassium level kaolin to provide enhanced casting properties that are ideally suited to fast cycle time pressure casting

Product Development

New Product Inquiries Welcome

APM's primary kaolin deposits have unique attributes including coarse particle size, the ability to achieve exceptionally high brightness, platey clays with a high aspect ratio enabling superior optical and coverage qualities, the ability to meet a wide range of chemical specifications and to provide superior casting rates in sanitary-ware ceramic applications.

Please contact us to discuss your required product specifications.